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Integrate IRA investing into your business.

Enable clients, shareholders & end-users to invest in alternative assets with their retirement dollars.
We bridge the gap between retirement & alternative investing.

AET provides seamless front and back-end solutions for businesses that want to help their
clients and investors put their retirement money to work.

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Tap into the $12 trillion retirement market.

Integrate IRA capital into private investment deals with one consolidated platform.

  • White-label interface
  • Enable users to invest with their IRA dollars
  • Access untapped investment capital
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Give your clients the freedom to invest in assets they understand.

Why limit your customers to traditional stocks and bonds? We’ll make it easy for you to offer investment into dozens of alternative asset classes using tax-advantaged capital.

  • Private Equity
  • Precious Metals
  • Private Companies
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Real Estate
  • Farmland
  • Private Loans
  • Energy & Oil
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retirement services
Supporting diversified retirement growth.

We help businesses who want to help their investment-savvy customers. Non-traditional assets held in tax-advantaged accounts make for a powerful combo.

Self-Directed Accounts

  • Traditional & Roth IRAs
  • Employer or Solo 401ks
  • Simple Employer Pensions
  • HSA & Cash Savings Accounts
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Increasing access to investment capital.

More access to capital means more opportunity for growth. Enable your ecosystem to leverage their retirement dollars to invest in opportunities with your business.

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We offer an innovative approach to business,
retirement and finance.


Regulated Trust Co.

Founded in 2007 AET has over a decade of experience as a regulated trust company and custodian.



We build seamless digital experiences by replacing antiquated systems with modern tools.


Billions Transacted

Our experienced team has helped over 20 thousand investors handle more than $10 Billion in assets.


Secure & Compliant

AET products come prepackaged with AML/KYC, OFAC, and industry leading security.

Streamline your client's investments.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP, Trust, 401k, Simple, HSA. Investors can add multiple account types so they’re not comingling funds and use all types of funds to invest.


Customers can hold a variety of alternative asset types in a self-directed IRA including private equity, real estate, metals and crypto. Check out our comprehensive list of asset types.

AET has Custodial account and transaction fees. Those are retirement account fees for account holders, and we collect a one-time setup account fee and an annual fee, in addition to transaction fees; check, wire, and ACH.

AET provides tax reporting for the retirement accounts themselves. We file the 5498 tax documents for the individual retirement accounts and 1099s for withdrawal of funds and take direct custody.