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Asset Management

Complete Custody for Non-Traditional Assets

Trust Platform provides comprehensive asset custody for your investors, including investment processing, account creation and maintenance, and digital document storage.
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Diverse Asset Classes
Multi-Purpose Asset Custody

Investors can use Trust Platform™ to invest in a broad range of alternative investments.

  • Real Estate
  • Precious Metals
  • Commodities
  • Private Placements
  • Cash & Currencies
screenshot of assets platform
screenshot of assets platform
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Securely Fund Your Accounts
Powered by Regulated Financial Systems

American Estate & Trust adheres to the Nevada FID banking laws and quarterly audits to enforce compliance standards and the protection of your assets. In addition to industry-leading data encryption, Trust Platform™ comes with the benefits of AET’s due diligence standards baked in.

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Long-Term Management
White Glove Service Throughout the Entire Asset Lifecycle

From the inception of an asset on Trust Platform™, we provide comprehensive support for businesses and their investors throughout the whole process.

  • Individual account creation
  • Asset creation
  • Financial reporting
  • Cash management
  • Investor reporting
  • Dividend payouts
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An Asset Management Suite in the Palm of Your Hand

We’ve removed friction from the asset custody processes through years of collaboration with our customers. Trust Platform™ makes it possible for you and your investors to access account data, initiate transactions, and track investment activity on desktop and mobile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Asset custody is a term to describe services such as investment processing, financial account creation and maintenance, compliance checks such as AML and KYC, lender certifications, document storage, and tax processing. Asset custody is a service that can be provided at both the investor and institutional level.

AET can custody a wide variety of assets, some of which include real estate, energy, and precious metals. However, AET checks the eligibility of each individual asset on our platform prior to accepting an asset.

Alternative asset managers, such as AET, are asset managers that handle unconventional (alternative) investments.