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Debt Management

Built to Streamline the Flow of Funds for Debt Management

AET’s front-end interface and open API allow debt relief companies to onboard users, open and manage trust accounts, and access the financial infrastructure needed to help participants complete their payment plans.
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A User-Friendly Platform
User Accounts for Attorneys & Clients

The debt relief process requires transparency between your organization, law contractors, and payment plan participants. Trust Platform is the ultimate solution to streamline each aspect.

  • Provide digital portals for law contractors & participants
  • Reduce and consolidate paperwork
  • Setup escrow accounts for participant funds
  • Track and manage payment progress
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screenshot of platform
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Control Center
Manage Users from a Single Dashboard

The Business Portal lets you manage user accounts, collect fees, deposit funds, and make payments to creditors from one place.

  • Advanced user management & filterings
  • Treasury services and custody
  • Single and batch payment options
  • AML/KYC compliance
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Back-End Solutions
API Option for Businesses with Front-End Interfaces

Our open API makes it easy to incorporate AET’s financial capabilities without altering the look of your existing front-end platforms. Debt relief companies can integrate Trust API into their systems to access advanced treasury and custodial functions to overhaul processes for their users.

  • Open trust/escrow accounts
  • Manage flow of funds
  • Issue compliance checks
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