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Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about our industry, products and services.

Answers about American Estate & Trust.

Currently we house about $1.5B in assets on our platform.

AET has a Customer Success team dedicated to helping clients with tech-related or operational questions.

It takes about two weeks once we receive your deliverables.

We don’t have a DocuSign process or electronic signature implemented inside the platform. If you have an electronic signature and DocuSign process you are using, you can upload investment docs through our portal.

Each account gets an account statement monthly recorded in our documents tab. Users can see their monthly accounts statements and download and print if needed.

We don’t do front end administration on the investment itself.

You can go to the Secretary of State online and take a picture with your phone. It will show your business is active and in good standing. (EIN is filed with the IRS.)

Yes, you can onboard multiple businesses as their own entity subledger under a parent company via their own rep ID. We have filters to select which business it belongs to. Each parent business can see only their customers and support information specific to each child organization.

We also have filters for assets, if they run more than one asset.

AET does not do the tax reporting on the investment itself.

When creating an investment, you may request accreditation letters through the portal.

We do not have a waterfall. You can submit to AET a valuation of the investment. Our API can update the investment. With the platform, you can update the valuations by submitting the value and we can update it. We request valuations annually.

We can bill users directly as customers agree to the terms of the AET fee schedule when they onboard. As the financial institution, AET moves the funds and bill clients in their own accounts.

Yes, you can use the system to upload invoices to bill your clients.

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