Fund Administration

A Consolidated Approach to Private Equity Fund Administration

We’ve overhauled day-to-day cash movement and fund administration processes so Managers and Advisors can spend more time focusing on their core business.
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Break Away From the Burden of Admin

As a licensed Trust Company registered in the state of Nevada, we’ve spent over a decade building a diverse team to cover every aspect of the cash disbursement process.

A Turnkey Solution for Managers:

Regulatory Compliance

Leave it to our compliance experts to assure you’re following the all the rules.

Back Office Accounting

Our in-house accounting department will crunch the numbers, so you don’t have to.

platform portal
Manager & Investor Portal

A dedicated hub for you, a brandable hub for your investors.

tech and engineering
Leading Tech and Engineering

With state-of-the-art systems and enterprise-level security, your funds are in good hands.

Better Results, Less Stress

Administering funds is not only time-consuming, but the compliance requirements can make it difficult to do it correctly.

As your alternative fund administrator, AET enables investors to:

  • Stay compliant
  • Mitigate risk
  • Unify clients
  • Consolidate payments
  • Optimize flow of funds
  • Scale operations

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