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Fund Administration

A Consolidated Approach to Private Equity Fund Administration

We’ve overhauled day-to-day cash movement and fund administration processes so Managers and Advisors can spend more time focusing on their core business.
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Break Away From the Burden of Admin

As a licensed Trust Company registered in the state of Nevada, we’ve spent over a decade building a diverse team to cover every aspect of the cash disbursement process.

A Turnkey Solution for Managers:

Regulatory Compliance

Leave it to our compliance experts to assure you’re following the all the rules.

Back Office Accounting

Our in-house accounting department will crunch the numbers, so you don’t have to.

platform portal
Manager & Investor Funding Portals

A dedicated hub for you, a brandable hub for your investors.

tech and engineering
Leading Tech and Engineering

With state-of-the-art systems and enterprise-level security, your funds are in good hands.

Better Results, Less Stress
better results with AET

Administering funds is not only time-consuming, but the compliance requirements can make it difficult to do it correctly.

As your alternative fund administrator, AET enables investors to:

  • Stay compliant
  • Mitigate risk
  • Unify clients
  • Consolidate payments
  • Optimize flow of funds
  • Scale operations
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What is Fund Administration?

Fund administration is a series of operations carried out to service the day-to-day needs of investment funds, managers, and investors.

What is a fund administrator role? The role of a fund administrator can vary depending on the needs of the specific fund, but functions often include NAV calculations, disbursement of funds, financial reporting, dividend payouts, and compliance.

Advancements in FinTech have made it easier than ever for managers to access the features they need with digital, automated functionality. While some of today's top private equity fund administrators have set themselves apart with proprietary software and open-source API integrations, many still rely on outdated systems and manual processes, making it a crucial and opportune time for disruption.

AET has built software to match the strict demands of today’s fund managers. We strive to remove the administrative burden so you can focus on what matters to you the most: your core business.