Money Service Businesses

Let Nothing Block Your Way

AET removes the barriers that prevent MSBs from thriving. Our unique platform provides fundamental financial services that can be hard to obtain through traditional banking institutions.
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Send & Receive Funds

Our accounts enable you to access primary financial functions for your business.

We’ve spent over a decade perfecting a platform for our own buiness. We’re now offering others the opportunity to use this platform. Empowering you to build your business without the high cost and intensive labor required.

Link Financial Accounts

Move Funds via ACH/Wires/Checks

Consolidated Asset Holdings

Safeguarding Your Business

AET prides itself on offering best in class client security and support.

Compliance and Security

Compliance Confidence

Sleep well at night knowing that your customers are the right customers.


On-boarding Verification Services


Compliant Data Security


Foreign Sanctions Compliance

Discover the Power of AET Platform

The AET Platform is a “plug and play” web-application that makes it easy for you to track and manage your financial transactions. - In one customizable space.

Scale your business more efficiently than ever before.
Trust Platform

Don’t Need Our Graphical Interface? No Problem.

Our API can enable you to offer enhanced functionality without changing the look of your existing platform.