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PPM Investment Solutions

A Consolidated Platform for PPM Fund Managers

Trust Platform enables managers to onboard investors, collect & hold funds, send disbursements, and more. Our API and frontend interface simplifies the fundraising process for businesses issuing private equity.
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Let’s face it. Executing a successful Reg D Private Placement can be complicated. AET Platform automates the fundraising process so companies can focus their energy on marketing, operations, and strategy.

Reach your goals faster with the ability to manage Investors, Documents, Assets, and Campaigns. AET cultivates a secure digital environment for companies and managers to host their Regulation D fundraise.

Consolidate Your Fundraise From Start to Finish.

Platform Features Overview:

  • Compliance
  • Onboarding
  • Manage Documents
  • Asset Custody
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Distributions
We’ve Made it Easier to Invest in Private Equity

Our ability to service the PPM Business directly has paved the landscape for us to provide automated solutions for Broker/Dealers, Advisors, VCs, Hedge Funds, and individual investors – all within the AET Platform.

Maximize your investment strategies by building opportunities and sharing them with investors. The business portal consolidates documentation, onboards investors, holds funds, and pays dividends.

With AET linking you directly to a host of innovative businesses and industries, the possibilities are endless.

We've handled many investments in:

Real Estate PPM




Gas & Oil

Precious Metals

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Learn more about AET’s Private Placement and broker dealer solutions by speaking with one of our Team Members.

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Don’t Need Our Graphical Interface? No Problem.

Our API can enable you to offer our Trust functionality without changing the look of your existing platform.

What is a PPM Investment?

A PPM Investment (commonly referred to as a private placement or unregistered offering) is a security offering that does not need to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

A private placement investment is different than one offered publicly because only a vetted group of (often accredited) investors may participate in the funding round. These types of private offerings have several advantages over public offerings and are considered widely popular among businesses who need to raise capital quickly to scale their operations.

Semantics causes much confusion around PPMs. Many refer to the term “PPM” as an actual investment. However, PPM stands for Private Placement Memorandum. The Memorandum is the document that discloses and explains the background of a company, along with the structure of the offering. The private placement, however, is the actual investment.