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PPM Investment Software

Execute & Manage Private Placements

Trust Platform™ allows fund managers and placement agents to onboard investors, collect funds, and make distributions while simultaneously removing friction from the fundraising process.
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Business Portal
Manage All Your Investors from One Place

The Trust Platform™ Business Portal lets you access a master database where you can easily manage your investors, their assets, transaction and much more.

  • Prepare reusable investment templates
  • Send out investment invitations in bulk
  • Deposit and hold cash reserves
  • Get investor notifications in your dashboard
  • Initiate vendor payments
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screenshot of platform
Turnkey Investment platform
Funding Portals
Turnkey Investor Hub

Between high stakes portfolio upkeep and demanding fund marketing activities, managers and agents don’t have the time to juggle time consuming paperwork, compliance, or the account admin necessary to reach their fundraising goals.

  • Provide a dedicated investor portal
  • Allow investors to deposit cash
  • Collect and hold funds
  • Store and share documents
  • Offer self-service investing
  • Pay distributions at the end of the round
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rocketing investments
Launch a Private Placement

Trust Platform™ can help new funds streamline and scale their fundraising process during a Regulation D PPM, Reg A 506(a) 506 (b) 506 (c), or Reg A. Reach your goals faster with the ability to manage Investors, Documents, Assets, and Campaigns in a secure digital environment.

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Alternative Investing
We’ve Made it Easier to Invest in Private Equity

Our ability to service specific needs for each PPM Business has paved the landscape for unique and practical solutions for Placement Agents, Advisors, VCs, Hedge Funds, and individual investors.

Powered by a regulated trust company & custodian, AET has built a safe ecosystem for a wide range of fund types.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A PPM Investment (commonly referred to as a private placement or unregistered offering) is a security offering that does not need to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

A private placement investment is different than one offered publicly because only a vetted group of (often accredited) investors may participate in the funding round. These types of private offerings have several advantages over public offerings and are considered widely popular among businesses who need to raise capital quickly to scale their operations.

Semantics causes much confusion around PPMs. Many refer to the term “PPM” as an actual investment. However, PPM stands for Private Placement Memorandum. The Memorandum is the document that discloses and explains the background of a company, along with the structure of the offering. The private placement, however, is the actual investment.

An offering Memorandum is a document that explains the background of a company that is taking on investors. This document will usually have four parts to it: a high-level business plan, risks, deal terms, and a capitalization report.

Whether or not you need a PPM to raise money depends on the type of fund registration. Generally, offerings taking on non-accredited investors and are over 5 million dollars will require a PPM.

Fundraising money will typically be held by a qualified custodian (AET) in order to mitigate risk of loss, theft, or fraudulent activity.