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AET bridges the gap between companies who need to scale by raising capital, and the vetted brokers & investors who can take their businesses to new heights.
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Empowered Investing

We enable Broker/Dealers, Advisors, Venture Capitalists, and individual investors to access and place a diverse variety of private equity investments, all within the AET Platform.

Invest in the right PPM Fund, including a variety of innovative companies and startups.

With AET linking you directly to a host of innovative businesses and industries, the possibilities are endless.



Gas & Oil

Real Estate PPM


Precious Metals

Launch your Reg D Private Placement

Let’s face it. Executing a successful fundraise is historically complex. Our platform removes the guesswork and clutter, and with the amendment of Rule 506 b (SEC now offers Rule 506 c), companies can spend energy on what matters: marketing, operations, and strategy.

AET cultivates a secure digital environment for companies and fund managers to host their Regulation D fundraise. We’ve built the appropriate infrastructure so you can reach your goals faster.

Consolidate your fundraise from inception to completion

  • Investor compliance
  • Investor onboarding
  • Pay investors
  • Manage Docs
  • Asset custody
  • Campaign tracking

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Our API can enable you to offer our Trust functionality without changing the look of your existing platform.