AET is a Regulated Trust Company & Custodian Building Technology to Help Businesses Grow

American Estate & Trust (AET) lives, operates and is regulated in the state of Nevada. Since 2007, AET has focused its efforts on delivering innovative and secure financial services for businesses across various industries.
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American Estate & Trust (AET) is a licensed Trust company regulated under the banking laws of the State of Nevada. Founded in 2007 with a specific focus on providing custody to the self- directed IRA and self-directed 401k market, driving lower operating costs and delivering best in class processing times.

This has made AET a market leader in account management, custody, and customer service. As a licensed and regulated Trust company, AET is subject to annual financial and state audit. As part of our licensing and regulations, we maintain bonding, cash reserves, insurance, and are regularly audited to ensure customer assets are always protected.

Why Work with AET
We Offer an Innovative Approach to Business,
Retirement and Finance

Regulated Trust Co.

Founded in 2007 AET has over a decade of experience as a regulated trust company and custodian.


We build seamless digital experiences by replacing antiquated systems with modern tools.

Billions Transacted

Our experienced team has helped over 20 thousand investors handle more than $10 Billion in assets.

Secure & Compliant

AET products come prepackaged with AML/KYC, OFAC, and industry leading security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A custodian is a financial institution that oversees or safeguards assets for individual investors or larger organizations. One reason custodians are unique is because they can hold asset types that normal banks cannot, such as precious metals, private placements, commodities, and real estate.

While a custodian can hold a variety of alternative assets, they can also act as the overseer for retirement accounts like IRAs and 401 (k)s and allow for self-directed retirement accounts. This means that custodians can allow individuals to hold alternative assets in their retirement accounts as well as start investing IRA funds in a private company. IRA custodians typically report to the IRS on these types of accounts on behalf of the individual.

Individuals who wish to use their IRA to house private investments or leverage retirement money to invest in private opportunities will typically need a custodian to maintain the regulatory and reporting requirements that come along with tax-advantaged accounts.

A transfer agent is a financial institution (such as a trust company) that handles the administrative and reporting events that take place between companies and their investors. While some companies choose to act as their own transfer agent, it can be an overbearing responsibility and ultimately distract from day-to-day management. Therefore, companies will choose to outsource this operation to institutions like AET.