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AET is a state of Nevada licensed trust company, meeting all state requirements for capital reserves and bonding. The company is regulated and examined by Nevada Financial Institutions Division (FID), which is the state's financial institutions regulatory body. Background checks on AET principals are performed by FID. American Estate & Trust, LC (AET) wholly owns and operates the web sites,,, and

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As a trust company, AET must maintain minimum capital reserves and meet certain other stringent standards of honesty, competence, compliance with the law, etc.

Under our license from Nevada, and under Internal Revenue Service regulations, AET is allowed to: Provide full custodial and administrative services for IRAs, 401(k)s, health and educational savings accounts; act as an independent and professional trustee for private trusts (living trusts, etc.); and provide escrow and qualified intermediary services for 1031 real estate exchanges.

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