AET’s API Overview

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The Platform API allows you to incorporate the diverse functionality of AET’s trust offerings and apply them to your product.
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Our API is designed to get you up and running quickly, so you can focus on what is important to you.

With Platform API, your product can on-board users, perform AML/KYC, link bank accounts, deposit and withdraw USD. Open a trust and/or retirement account and invest in a wide range of different asset classes. All with relative ease and compliance transparency.

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It’s Easy to Get Started With Our API

Using industry standard techniques, languages and libraries our API gives you or your team an easy way to get started quickly, utilizing our “Trust-as-a-Service” (TaaS) API product.

Easy to use, well organized documentation.

Designed for security and versatility, with ready to customize mulit-lingual code examples. Popular languages including C#, node.js, php, python and many more..


Give us a try. Our sandbox environment lets you
“try before you buy”

Our API keys are generated internally for our clients protection. Provide a valid company email address for access.

We will never sell your private data.

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Learn more about the AET Platform, and how a you can quickly and easily get your business integrated in no time.

Check out our plug & play solution, The AET Platform.

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