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Trust API™

Incorporate Retirement Accounts, Custody, & Alternative Investments into Your Business

Integrating with Trust API™ lets you add powerful functionality to your existing product. Easily incorporate AET’s financial ecosystem into your platform without changing the look of your front-end interface.
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Ideal for FinTech
Build, Improve, Supercharge

Trust API™ is perfect for both seasoned and start-up financial software companies. The possibilities are vast:

  • Add custodial functionality to existing investment platforms
  • Build financial software on top of Trust API™
  • Add FOF to data-aggregation + reporting platforms
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Retirement Accounts + Alternative Investments
Provide Retirement Account Investing for Your Users

Trust API enables your platform users to hold alternative assets in their retirement accounts. It can also increase your pool of investing capital by allowing users to invest using retirement money. Trust API works seamlessly with Marketplace Lending Portals, Crowdfunding Platforms, and much more.

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Bootstrapping the Development Process
Build Your Platform on Top of Trust API™

The development process for almost any financial product is complicated and expensive. Trust API™ enables third party administrators and retirement-centric software companies to go-to-market effortlessly.

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Asset Custody & Treasury Functions
Start Managing Investor Funds Within Your Software

Trust API™ makes it easy to merge treasury services and fund administration with your core product.

  • Initiate transactions
  • Custody of alternative assets
  • Facilitate alternative investments
  • Pay dividends and distributions
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Transforming Data-Forward Software
Remodeling Reporting & Data Platforms

Tapping into Trust API™ completely transforms the potential of portfolio and data reporting systems.

You’ve already done the heavy development work to build beautiful dashboards for investment reporting. Trust API™ lets you facilitate the flow of funds of those investments right on your system. Streamline the user experience for customers while simultaneously removing friction from the investing process.

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A Developer API Crafted by Likeminded Engineers
Built by Developers, for Developers

AET provides your developers with the tools they need to start integrating with our API quickly and efficiently.

Trust API™ is organized around REST and JSON API specifications, allowing for easy integration with all modern programing languages enabling your developers to get up and running in no time. Our dedicated team of engineers will assist you and your developers to ensure a smooth integration process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

API banking is the utilization of a bank’s backend protocols to incorporate their services into other institutions. AET is not a bank, so we do not associate with the term. However, we do offer our API as a product so that other financial institutions may access our custodial technologies and integrate them into their systems.

The answer to this is often no. The purpose of Trust API is to provide new platforms with the backend support to build their product and go to market faster. It’s also ideal for existing platforms that want to add additional functionality to their products, such as bill pay, onboarding, compliance, bank accounts linking, and deposits/withdrawals of USD.