Business Platform


—Getting Back To The Basics—
The BusinessPlatform Dashboard is where you'll find your Cash Available, Account Balance, and Posted and Pending Transactions.

Control Center

—Re-Evaluating How You Work —
Our Business Platform allows you to track all of your businesses funds, pay bills, send and receive funds, manage important documents, manage your customers, and have easy access to our API.


—Visualize Your Clientele —
The Business Platform Customers Tab let's you see what's important at first glance, and take a deeper dive managing your customers accounts.


—Developing For All—
The Business Platform Developer Tab allows you access our API with ease by creating different keys with unique permissions.

Bill Pay

—Batch or Solo—
Paying your bills has never been easier. Our Batch Bill Pay feature allows you to pay multiple bills to multiple vendors all at once.


—Linked Accounts—
The Business Platform Accounts Tab lets you link external bank accounts for simplified distribution.


—Document Manager—
The Business Platform Documents Tab displays every document you upload, gives you the ability to upload new docs, and download them to your desktop.