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Consolidate Your Business Functions

Business Portal overhauls financial processes. Quickly and easily issue user accounts, make transactions, and hold funds with a single, easy-to-use tool.
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Versatile Features to Improve Efficiency

Whether you have hundreds of clients to serve, financial targets to hit, or need back-office improvements, Business Portal delivers a feature-rich toolkit that will automate and reduce your administrative workload.


Your Home Base

View important, high-level account details.

  • Total Cash
  • Cash Available
  • Pending Transactions

Use the sidebar to access different features within your account.

Bill Pay

Pay Vendors with Ease & Accuracy

Pay company expenses, third-party services, or outstanding bills all through your Business Portal.

  • Add vendors
  • Select a transfer type (ACH, Wire, etc.)
  • Send payments with cash balance

Save time by paying multiple vendors at once through our Batch Pay feature.


Link External Bank Accounts

Link multiple bank accounts to your Portal. Pull from your linked accounts to deposit cash for transfers, reserves, and investments.

  • Opt to add a new account
  • Enter your account details
  • Start making transactions
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Go Fully Digital – Consolidate Your Docs

Keep your vital documentation right in your Portal. Memorandums, licenses, invoices, or any docs your you need at hand can be uploaded, stored, or downloaded for easy access.

  • Download
  • Review
  • Add Documents

Gain the ability to access and communicate important documentation.


Streamline & Manage Customer Accounts

Keeping up with customer payments can be overwhelming. Now you can view and pay all your customers in one tab.

  • View active customers
  • Make payments and collect fees
  • Manage customer accounts
  • Receive status updates

Learn more about what your customers or clients see on our User Portal.

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Prepare Reusable Investments

Invite Multiple Clients

Prepare supporting documents and signature forms to share with your clients. Manage investments from fund allocation to distribution.

  • Create investment assets
  • Invite customers to invest
  • Pay dividends to investors

Trust Platform also lets your customers hold investment in a variety of self-directed account types (IRAs, 401k’s, Trust Accounts, SEP’s).

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Convenience & Flexibility for Your Developers

As integral parts of most teams, developers need to access their tools in order to operate effectively. We’ve made it easy for your developers to house and generate API keys for optimal integration.

Learn more about our API.

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