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Manage your IRA investors from a single dashboard.

Trust Platform’s Business Portal is where you can interface with clients, incorporate IRA capital into private deals, and manage a variety of alternative assets.
Client, account & deal management rolled into one application.

The Business Portal is where you can transact with clients, manage retirement accounts, initiate investments, accept capital, and much more.

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Customers: a comprehensive snapshot.

The Customers tab is where you’ll onboard new clients/investors and manage existing accounts:

  • Filter through your client roster
  • View account, investment, and transfer status
  • Store and keep record of client documents
deals laptop business platforms
deals laptop business platforms
Deals: execute the entire lifecycle of a fundraise.

The Business Portal enables advisors and sponsors to incorporate IRA capital into a variety of alternative asset deals. Within a single tab, managers can:

Create Investment

Create Investment

Invite Investor Groups

Invite Clients

Report and Track Investments

Pay Dividends

Treasury: day-to-day financial management.

Streamline fixed and variable expense payments to vendors:

  • Link business bank accounts
  • Deposit and withdraw funds
  • Clear investor capital from funded deals
  • Pay dividends to clients from your balance
  • Bill clients directly
Documents: paper-free document collection & storage.

Keep important tax forms, agreements, and memorandums on file under each customer profile for quick and easy access.

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Team Management: manage team member and nested company access.

Maintain control over internal platform usage and access to client accounts. Manage employees and other onboarded organizations.

Streamline your client's investments.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Trust Platform’s business portal gives companies administrative control over customer accounts, from onboarding to dividend payments. Additionally, AET automates the compliance and due diligence process so businesses can worry about serving their customers to the best of their ability.

There are two separate portals that will be issued – a Business Portal (for your company) and an Investor Portal (one for each investor). You can use your Business Portal to sort through customers, collect and store documents, initiate transaction, and manage various aspects of the investment lifecycle.

AET provides custody for your investor’s assets, so they can link financial accounts to their Investor Portal and deposit funds into their account. These funds can then be directed to investment opportunities that your company has created on the system (Private Placements, REITs, commodities, etc.)