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Empowering the Next Generation of Wealth Managers.

More investors than ever before are demanding access to alternatives. Through the democratization of alts, RIAs are now presented with an opportunity to enhance and expand their offerings.
Tap Into the True Potential of Alternatives.

In a report by CAIS, 9 out of 10 RIAs have expressed interest in allocation more client resources toward alternative assets. Why might this be the case?

Diversification and risk mitigation from public markets.

Increased performance & opportunities for growth.

More potential for tax-advantaged savings.

Better alignment with client goals and ethics.

Why Miss Out on AUM?

Your high net-worth clients will likely invest in that private deal with or without advisor guidance. By positioning your firm to effectively advise on alternative assets like real estate and startups, you have made a valuable addition to your service offerings and ultimately, AUM.

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Real Estate








Alternative Assets Meet Tax Savings.

AET’s unique expertise in retirement account administration create an opportunity for RIAs to offer investments into a variety of alternative asset types.

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Bridging the Gap Between Performance and ESG.

Paired with performance, sentiment reports indicate that 89% of investors care about where their money is going. Alternatives are an opportunity to invest in the businesses that align with investor values while helping local communities thrive.

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Investment management at your fingertips.

Our platform comes with an advisor portal and an investor portal.

  • Track your client roster
  • Manage and move client assets
  • Collect and store documents
  • Client sees your company brand in their portal
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Complimenting Your Existing Tech Suite.

AET data feeds into leading wealth management platforms, so you can manage alternative assets and retirement accounts right alongside the rest of your client portfolios. Integrate your client's alternative asset data into your existing portfolio accounting, rebalancing, CRM, and planning tools.

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