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Investment Advisors

Simplify & Scale Your Workflow

Trust Platform™ is a more efficient way for RIAs to securely manage clients and their assets from one place.
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Digital Interface
Streamline Day-to-Day Functions

Going digital means more than cutting paper out of the process – it means optimizing every aspect of your advising practice so you can better serve your clientele.

  • Digitally onboard clients
  • Send and receive funds
  • Initiate & share investments
  • Filter and sort customers
  • Manage, store, & share documents
  • Receive notifications
  • Track asset value properties
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Investor Portal
Provide Designated Portals for Each Customer

Reduce friction with clients by empowering them to see what’s happening with their investments whenever they want.

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retirement account types
Account Variety
Offer the Best Account Options

Trust Platform™ lets advisors offer the right retirement and non-retirement account options to match up with each individual customer’s goals.

  • Traditional & Roth IRAs
  • Employer or Solo 401ks
  • Simple Employer Pensions
  • HSA & Cash Savings Accounts
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Real Estate






Alternative Assets
Diversify Portfolios with Alternative Investments

Alternative investment management differentiates advisors from run of the mill firms. With the right tools, non-traditional assets can provide unparalleled value to your investors.

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Back Office Solutions
Compliance You Need, Security Your Customers Demand

Trust Platform™ is powered by AET, a licensed trust company regulated in the state of Nevada. Our software comes prepackaged with the compliance measures and account security needed to ensure a safe financial ecosystem for both you and your customers.

  • Quick back office processing
  • Account transparency for you & your clients
  • Industry-leading customer support
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Take a Tour of Our Online Portals

Learn more about how to manage customers and assets through our business portal.
Provide your customers with a branded portal to make investments and manage their accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

An RIA custodian is an organization that is responsible for housing and safeguarding client assets on behalf of a registered investment advisor. AET, for example, is a qualified RIA custodian specializing in custody for alternative asset classes.

TAMP stands for Turnkey Asset Management Platform. Essentially, the function of a TAMP can vary depending on the given platform. However, the typical functions of a TAMP are to provide necessary back office support for financial advisors, as well as the actual third-party management and custody for the actual assets that their clients possess.

Yes! In fact, with reference to RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors) that deal with a lot of alternative investments, it is quite common to outsource the complex custodial and reporting requirements that come with alternative investments to an established TAMP. Leveraging a Turnkey Asset Management Platform as an RIA can help streamline operations which can save hours of time that can be allocated toward client success.