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Your clients can invest with their IRAs through a single portal.

Whether you are managing assets for advisory clients, sponsoring deals, or acting as an IRA provider, the Investor Portal is a gateway for your-end users to transact with your business with their retirement accounts.
Offer up a streamlined experience for your users.

The Investor Portal is divided into a handful user-friendly tabs, each containing primary financial services your customers need to interface with you.

user portal dashboard
user portal dashboard
Dashboard: turn insight into action.

Clients can review account snapshots, initiate deposits, withdrawals, and IRA transfers.

user portal assets
Assets: tracking made simple.

The Assets tab makes it easy for your users to track their history of transactions, investments, and documents related to a given asset.

Bill Pay: seamless expense payments.

The Billpay feature is an empowering tool for users to easily manage third-party fees associated with their accounts or assets. A good example would be property managers, contractors, or maintenance costs for a rental property owned by an IRA.

user portal screenshot invest
Invest: Simplify user investment flows.

The Invest tab is where your users can leverage their retirement and cash accounts on the system to invest in a variety of asset types. Private placements, metals, digital currencies, and real estate are a few of the supported asset classes.

Documents: Essential documents stored in one place.

Users can use the Documents hub to manage, share and store tax forms, PPMs, and much more.

Incorporate your company branding.

Keep your end-users feeling familiar and comfortable with the White Label feature. When users log in to transact with you, they’ll use your custom URL and see your company logo in their dashboard.

user-portal is customizable
Transform your client interactions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

User Experience
Improving the user experience by providing fully digital, self-service investing. Enabling stakeholders to log in, initiate transactions, track investments, and receive distributions makes the process much smoother for all parties involved.

Depending on which investor portal software you use, there is potential to save time and resources on strenuous compliance measures that are endemic to any type of fundraising activity. Trust Platform, for example, is backed by AET – a regulated trust company & custodian. This means that any transaction that happens on the system is subject to anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer checks, removing the need to hire expensive compliance attorneys to review and counsel you through the process.

Data Security
Using an investor portal within the private capital industry can dramatically improve institutional data security and investor data. The level of added security, however, is dependent on the software. AET’s proprietary investor portal, Trust Platform, comes with industry-leading data encryption to prevent against unauthorized access, theft, and customizable visibility parameters.

Increased Access
Leveraging a system like Trust Platform breaks down the barriers between funds and their stakeholders. While providing a turnkey ramp for niche fund types to onboard and serve their pool of investors makes it easier to invest, this also impacts the private equity industry all together. We are lowering the barriers for qualified start-ups to get access to the funding they need with functional alternative investment technology.

While traditional investor database software suites and CRMs specialize in tracking deal flows and investor profiles, Trust Platform provides a much deeper level of custodial capabilities. We enable businesses to access both the front and back-end infrastructure needed to efficiently execute fundraises, private loans, and more.

In other words, most alternative investment CRMs and investor management software suites are not backed by a regulated financial institution, so they cannot support the actual flow of funds for the investments. Trust Platform provides both.