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Software for Placement Agents

Infrastructure to Help you Reach Fundraising Goals Faster

Trust Platform’s innovative portals streamline the day-to-day investor management process for placement agents.
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Asset Custody
Create & Share Investment Opportunities

Access your business portal to filter through your investors. Build investment templates, send invitations, and raise capital.

  • Investors deposit cash through their portal
  • You send an investment invitation
  • Investor accepts invitation
  • You collect and manage the funds
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Investor Portals
Transparency for Investors

Give investors the ability to log into their accounts and make transactions – without faxing documents.

Investors can:

  • Link external accounts
  • Approve investment invitations
  • Review investment progress
  • Receive dividends
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financial reporting ai chip
financial reporting ai chip
Document Management
Easily Share & Collect Investor Documents

Your business portal lets you track vital documentation and share with investors. Upload and store PPMs, Tax forms, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A placement agent is an organization that takes on the fundraising process for investment companies. They are typically responsible for farming qualified investors, managing administrative tasks, and raising capital for the fund that hired them. Additionally, placement agents often take on the responsibility of marketing the fund before introducing fund managers to qualified investors.

Placement agents will typically be paid a percentage rate of the total amount they raised for a given fund. The fund will often finance this fee over the span of about 2 years and it ranges between 2-3% of the total amount raised. This is commonly referred to as a “success fee” structure.

Another way the placement agent gets paid is through a retainer fee. In this scenario, the fund pays the placement agent a fixed amount regardless of the amount of money they successfully raised.

To become a placement agent, you must become a registered broker-dealer in the US. All broker-dealers are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC).