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Give your end-users the freedom to invest with their IRAs.

We make it easy for users on your platform to invest in alternative assets using their IRA funds.
A non-technical integration that won’t slow you down.

We’ll make it quick and painless for your users to start investing on your platform with a self-directed IRA (SDIRA). From account creation to reporting, we’ll take care of the details so you can focus on your product.

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Help your users tackle long-term goals.

Offering SDIRA investing on your platform gives your users the ability to put their retirement savings to work. It also gives users more investing power, since they will no longer be limited to money from their standard brokerages to make decisions.

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Ride the new wave of
self-directed investing.

We want to help shape the next generation of alternative asset investing. That’s why we’re partnering with innovative FinTech platforms to make retirement account investments accessible to more people.

  • Alternative investment platforms
  • Fund administration platforms
  • Fundraising platforms
  • Investment marketplaces
  • Alternative lending platforms
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Offer account custody natively on your platform.

Our optional API lets existing platforms tap into our backend to offer retirement services. Add IRA investing to your tech stack with a comprehensive integration.

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Give your users more funding options.
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