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Third Party Administrators

Giving TPAs a Competitive Edge

As a regulated trust company and custodian, AET enables Third Party Administrators to diversify their benefits services with alternative assets, a variety of retirement account options, and one powerhouse digital platform.
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A Turnkey Solution
One Product to Modernize Your Entire Business

Trust Platform™ provides TPAs a singular, fully digital interface that allows them to consolidate all functions related to their client’s accounts.

  • Speedy account creation & verification
  • Detailed visibility of customer activities
  • Client document storage & transaction history
  • Automated tax filing & reporting
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Improved User Experiences
Give Your Customers Their Own Investment Hub
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Provide a better user experience for your customers with a branded portal that gives them visibility into their investments, saving your business time and effort.

  • Monitor investment performance
  • Link financial accounts
  • Make deposits, purchase assets
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Alt-assets types
Diversified Assets
Offer the Power of Alternative Investments

Trust Platform™ lets your customers invest in unique offerings that can’t be leveraged through publicly traded securities. Private Equity, Real Estate, Energy, and more can all be held in retirement & non-retirement accounts.

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Account Types
Provide Access to the Accounts Clients Need

Now your customers can hold alternative assets within tax-advantaged and cash accounts. IRAs and 401ks are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TPAs work hard to carefully establish, organize, and track client retirement accounts. Custodians, on the other hand, are responsible for safeguarding the actual investments and assets for the TPA’s clients. Depending on the custodian, they also might provide technological solutions that and greatly benefit TPAs, alleviating them of strenuous paperwork, record consolidation issues, and digital onboarding.

As with any business, you need to understand the nuances of the industry. Leveraging technology can help an aspiring TPA overcome regulatory and operational hurdles that can cause complications. Trust API for example, allows TPAs to build on top of American Estate & Trust’s existing infrastructure, saving tens of thousands of dollars in development work, time, and energy, while maximizing efficiency. Learn more about starting a TPA here.