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Trust Platform™

An Alternative Investment Hub

Trust Platform bridges the technical and communication gaps between businesses and their customers. Manage client accounts, invite them to different investment opportunities, process asset expenses, and automate their performance reports – all from one consolidated dashboard.
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Financial Capabilities
Your Pillar for Secure Treasury Services

Our expertise as a licensed trust company and custodian has enabled us to combine customer management with asset custody, compliance, and administration – functions no CRM can provide.

  • Collect fees from customers
  • Pay dividends and distributions
  • Link external financial accounts
  • Verify investor accreditation
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Create Investments
Super Assets
Create Investments, Invite Customers

Whether you’re an advisor or fund manager, we’ve made it easy to prepare reusable asset templates and send invitations to your investors singularly or in bulk.

  1. Prepare an investment opportunity
  2. Save it as a template
  3. Invite investors
  4. Collect, store & share essential documents
  5. Monitor & track investor performance
administrative paperwork
Saving Paper
Digitize Administrative Processes

Fax machines and envelopes are antiquated methods for efficiently serving customers. Trust Platform takes the most time-consuming administrative tasks and automates them for you.

  • Digital onboarding
  • Automated reports
  • Self-service client portals
key compliance
Turnkey Compliance
Automate Due Diligence

Backed by American Estate & Trust, Trust Platform maintains excellence in regulatory compliance so you can focus on day-to-day operations.

  • SOC System & Organization Controls AICPA
  • AML Anti-Money Laundering
  • KYC Know Your Customer
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White Label
Maintain Consistent Branding

Anytime your customer logs into their account, they’ll go to your web domain and see your company’s logo.

  • Digital onboarding
  • Automated reports
  • Self-service client portals
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Learn more about how to manage customers and assets through our business portal.
Provide your customers with a branded portal to make investments and manage their accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to providing asset and account custody at the user level, Trust Platform also provides treasury solutions for businesses, such as escrow, custody, and ACH/Wire transfers.

Yes and no. Trust Platform is not solely designed for compliance management. However, since Trust Platform is powered by a regulated Trust Company & Custodian (AET), all users and transactions on the system go through our due diligence process. This includes anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) compliance checks.

Yes. The system enables users to link external financial accounts, deposit cash, and maintain cash balances within trust accounts (like a cash account).